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Teach Your Children Music

Music is integral in early childhood development. From the moment a child is born, parents naturally use music to help soothe them, to lull them to sleep, and to help express their happiness and love. Singing and music are major parts of our culture. It’s prominent in film, television, theater, worship and holiday celebrations. We hear music everywhere. Even if we’re not actively listening, music is playing in waiting rooms, elevators, grocery stores, restaurants and other public places. This boundless exposure to music on a daily basis makes early childhood music education crucial for a developing child.

A five year study at the University of Southern California found serious differences between kids who could play an instrument and those who couldn’t. To put it simply, children’s brains develop faster with early childhood music education. The National Association of Music Merchants says that learning to play an instrument can improve mathematical skills and even increase SAT scores.

Here at Fairhaven Toy Garden we understand that music plays a different role in everyone’s life. Bellingham is home to so many talented musicians and even more music lovers. Because we place such a high value on early childhood music education we strive to stock as many musical toys and instruments that we can.

Anyone Can Play Guitar

Yes you read that right. Anyone can play guitar. Especially with the help of Loog Guitars. We believe that Loog Guitars are truly the best guitars for children or anyone wanting to learn how to play.

Generally speaking, many guitars for kids are scaled down replicas of standard guitars. This means they have the standard six strings and often times the necks are far too wide for children to play comfortably. The three string design of Loog makes learning fun and easy. You will study basic chord shapes and positions that you can later apply to a full six string guitar.

Each guitar comes with an accompanying set of flash cards to help you memorize the chord shapes, and there is even a free app! The Loog App has everything you need to start playing songs today. Features include video lessons, a tuner, and even a monkey drummer to help you stay on beat!

Let Them Play!

All kids enjoy singing or making music to some extent. They aren’t self conscious about their voice or performance and generally find joy in just simply making noise. So, let them play! Let them make noise and let them experiment. We carry a lot of great items that don’t require musical skill but still facilitate early childhood music education.

Toddlers can pound and tap out notes with the Pound and Tap Bench from Plan Toys. Hit the balls and they’ll fall onto the xylophone, tinkling out a pleasant scale as they slide out. Or they can remove the xylophone and tap directly on the keys. Children love rhythm. Let them march to their own beat with a Tom-Tom Drum. Guide young minds to explore electricity and circuits with Piano Lab (ages 8+). With over 38 experiments kids can explore a working electric piano while learning about currents and resistance.

We take pride in being a “hands-on” kind of store. Come in today and demo some of our musical toys and instruments and you’ll see just how fun and easy it is to get started on developing your child’s love for music.


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